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Just turn out the photo that records the vow-exchange moment of your life and if you find you have captured some imperfections alongside the perfect bliss of the moment, you just need a professional photo retouching. We offer a wide range of photo retouching services to clients who find their photos anything but perfect. We make it perfect for you when you provide us with the original image. We offer portrait retouching, wedding photo retouching and even stock photo retouching services at a very competitive rate.

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WebGuru Infosystem is a very professional photo retoucher providing photo retouching to all sorts of clients—couples, advertisers, graphic design company, fashion photographers, event photographers and media professionals.

While we continue to receive requests from couples who want us to retouch photos to make their album display their feats and defeats unobjectionably, calls from event photographers are not infrequent and they ask for photo tonality adjustment and image manipulation. So, if you feel photo retouching restoration can improve the quality of your prints or digital shots, get in touch with us.

With the digital photo retouching services available with WebGuru Infosystem, you can develop brand new images from your old photographs.

Some of the basic features of our photo retouching services include:

  • Correction of color, contrast and perspective
  • Correction of different facial features along with the removal of blemishes, scars and burns
  • Improvement of skin texture and complexion in portraits
  • Enhancement of glamour and bridal makeup
  • Virtual slimming or accentuation of physical features height, body exposure etc
  • Manipulation of background to alter mood

At WebGuru Infosystem, we understand that simple acne on your face or a red eye or even an unwanted stalker in the background can come in the way of an ideal image. Our photo retouching services are tailored to meet clients’ requirements. In some cases, images suffer from cropping and digital camera mark. You can depend on our photo retouching solutions for that too.

Here are the three distinct categories of our professional photo retouching services.

Portrait retouching: We provide both old black-and-white photo retouching and contemporary fashion portrait retouching. We will retouch photos to enable you to cherish a special moment of your life—a day of your school, your college reunion, your wedding days or even the day during your pregnancy. Make moments eternal with us through photo retouching.

Wedding photos retouching: Our wedding photo retouching solution is aimed at fixing the imperfections in your marriage shots that keep you from showing them off. Image manipulation, replacing backgrounds, stray hair removal, correction of blemishes, freckles and teeth—we offer every other bridal image make up solution.

Stock photo retouching: When you are using images for commercial purpose such as promotion or advertising, you need a professional retoucher to perfect the otherwise imperfect photos developed by your amateur photographers unable to eliminate noise effects, flash and aperture issues. Let us know your requirements. We will get professionally retouched photos.



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